DLF Foundation collaborates with stakeholders in an effort to mitigate the effects of air pollution in the Gurgaon region.

Gurugramodaya (Gurgaon Rejuvenation Project) has been launched by DLF Foundation as a six-step mechanism to solve various social issues.

Smart city: DLF foundation’s smart city initiative

Under Gurugramodaya (Gurgaon Rejuvenation Project), DLF Foundation has collaborated with stakeholders in an effort to mitigate the effects of air pollution in the Gurgaon region.


Last two decades has completely transformed Gurgaon from a Delhi nearby town to a millennium city. It now hosts almost 300 of fortune 500 companies as well as large number of professionals who work for these companies. The unprecedented growth has also brought in all the challenges that a mega city has, like traffic congestion, pollution, and many more.


Graph depicting change in pollution levels over the last 8 months in Gurgaon


Based on the above depicted pollution levels DLF Foundation has taken upon itself to launch an initiative to help restrict the number of vehicles on roads and reduce carbon footprints. One of the ways to do so is by carpooling. A study had been conducted by our stakeholders that revealed that out of 1,40,000 of the DLF employees 22,500 employees use carpooling as a means of commuting to and fro from Gurgaon offices. The study had also revealed that we have been able to save around 2 million kgs of GHG (Greenhouse Gas) which is equivalent to 95,000 adult trees in the last year.



DLF Foundation would like to thank these employees for their conscious efforts for bringing about a difference in Gurgaon and for furthering the Gurgaon Rejuvenation agenda. We would also like to request other DLF employees to use carpooling as a means of commuting as a step towards environment conservation and in their support in improving the air quality.


We at DLF Foundation, in the meanwhile, are also working to determine air quality indexes in DLF zones and take actions to improve the quality of air we breathe. We would like to request all to support the Gurgaon Rejuvenation movement as together we can and will make Gurgaon better place to live in. We will be sharing our other initiatives under Gurgaon Rejuvenation Project (Gurugramodaya) in our subsequent issues.

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