Moving Dlf Phase 1,G and H Block Towards Zero Waste Management

Under Gurugramodaya (Gurgaon Rejuvenation Project), DLF Foundation is taking significant steps to  mitigate the problem of waste management. With the ever-growing migration of people, the city has been subjected to the problems of high volumes of waste generation, inefficient collection, transportation and disposal.





Solid Waste Projections for Gurgaon
Source: Municipal Corporation for Gurgaon, 2013

Percentage of solid waste in Gurgaon
Source: Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon, 2013

DLF area solid waste in percentage of Gurgaon

DLF Foundation, in alignment with the parent company’s vision of “Building Lives” is now taking determined steps to address the issue of waste management under the aegis of the Gurgaon Rejuvenation Project.


Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a national priority and in sync with it, we provided carts and manpower to the relevant locations for the purpose of collection of waste. Usually, the waste is collected and dumped at dumping yards like the Bhandwari plant. However, no segregation and composting of waste are undertaken, thereby making it an unsustainable model for waste management.


Addressing this issue, DLF Foundation, under the Gurgaon Rejuvenation Project sought support of DEDL, MCG and RWAs by conducting a meeting for attempting zero waste in DLF Estate. As an outcome of the meeting, one pilot project has been initiated at G & H-Block, Silver Oaks Avenue at DLF Phase 1. Under this, the responsibility of establishing a composting unit and its complete management will be done by RWA of the DLF block.


In the last one month we have seen considerable improvement. Almost 70% of the waste is now being treated at source and segregation is being done at household level. Efforts are being made to move from seventy to hundred percent. This model is being tried on an experimental basis for three months. The success of this pilot will result in its implementation in other DLF projects as well.



After successfully implementing the household waste management, the Gurgaon Rejuvenation Project is moving towards management of horticulture waste. DLF Foundation has plans to set up another composting plant at the park of H-Block, Silver Oaks Avenue so as to treat the waste generated at household and horticulture level, so that it becomes a model block wherein all the waste management activities happen at source as we are targeting to become a zero waste generating area.



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