Green Business Practices

DLF has taken the lead in a number of initiatives aimed at a wide gamut of conservation efforts from installing Natural Gas Based Co-Generation systems, designing green buildings to curtail energy consumption and other measures as part of our business practices.

Natural Gas Based Cogeneration Plants

DLF has pioneered the use of gas co-generation technology in India by installing them it their commercial buildings. This has resulted in significant reduction in carbon emissions by the use of clean fuel. Further energy savings have accrued by recycling waste exhaust heat from these generating plants using Vapor Absorption Machines (VAMs) for meeting the air-conditioning requirements of these buildings. This has led to energy savings of up to 30%.

Large power plants have a gestation period of at least 5 to 10 years. DLF has found an alternate solution for tackling power shortage within a short timeframe through de-centralized generation. Power is generated directly at the load centers using small gas turbines and gas generators. This also results in considerable savings in transmission losses, smaller requirement of land to set up and reduced generating costs. DLF has taken a lead by constructing a number of 40 to 50 MW gas based power stations for their commercial and IT complexes. Two such plants are already functional and by the end of 2009 the total installed capacity was approximately 200 MW.

These initiatives in optimal energy management and reduction of CO2 emissions by using clean technologies have been recognized with the CII conferring the “CII National Award for Excellence in Energy Management – 2008 to DLF.”

Green Technology Demonstration Project

DLF has undertaken a unique pilot project in energy efficient buildings at Gandhinagar. For the first time, this demonstration project will enable direct comparison between an energy efficient building and a similar conventional building, both constructed adjacent to each other. This initiative is being undertaken in association with US AID under their ECO-III Initiative.

Green Buildings Practices

As part of our construction practices, use of solar water heaters and solar photovoltaic street lights is being undertaken. The complete street lighting of DLF City in Gurgaon is being converted to solar light, thereby saving considerable electricity and helping better energy management of available capacity for the residents. Production of chilled water by Vapor Absorption Machines (VAMs) has eliminated use of ozone depleting refrigerants and energy saving as the waste heat of generators is reused in these machines for meeting the air conditioning requirements.

Taking the lead in Green Initiatives

DLF projects in Hyderabad are being constructed as green buildings for which certification will be done by the IGBC (Indian Green Building Council). As part of its construction practices, the company incorporates green initiatives in all its construction activities. Some of these are:-

  • Recycling of waste water.
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Use of high performance reflective glass in buildings.
  • Pollution control measures during construction activity at project sites.
  • Use of green materials like fly ash in construction.
  • Heat insulated roof treatment.

DLF undertook an initiative under the Clinton Climate Initiative and TERI to reduce energy consumption by up to 15% by undertaking re-engineering of existing commercial buildings. The project report of the first set of buildings has been completed.

DLF is a founder member of the Indian Green Building Congress (IGBC).

Mr KP Singh, Chairman DLF Ltd has been invited on the Board of Governors on the “Future of Real Estate” at the World Economic Forum.