Air Quality Monitoring and Data Assessment

DLF Foundation – Working towards combatting air pollution

In our publication dated XXXX we had reported that DLF Foundation is working toward an initiative on improving the air quality in DLF areas. While there are localized and non-localised factors that contribute towards air pollution at a place, the focus is that as DLF Foundations the local factors which are in our direct control are looked into and we work towards the same. We installed the Air Quality monitor in July 2017 in association with Atlanta Healthcare and started actively monitoring the air quality from August 2017 onwards. While we installed these monitors at several places, we also picked up DLG Golf Course installation as a pilot case to undertake on-ground initiatives which help lower the air pollution levels and using the monitoring systems we keep a check on the impact some of these initiatives are contributing towards improving air quality.

Given it’s been almost a year since this initiative started, we are happy to state that we do have some early wins as can be seen from the Air quality data in graphs below. As per Col. Tiwari Executive Director DLF Foundation “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”

DLF Foundation has taken several initiatives in last one year in and around the Gold Course area, some of which include:

  • 1 paragraph of Bio-diversity initiative
  • Another initiative
  • Another initiative Golf Course road project completion
  • Ambient Air Quality monitoring in association with Atlanta Healthcare – DLF Foundation installed state of the art air quality monitor in Golf Course Area to monitor real-time 24 * 7 air quality in the area.

Over the year we have seen that there has been an improvement in the quality of air in the Golf Course Area. While these are baby steps, but a clear indicator that if there is right intent and efforts, results shall follow. As can be seen in the graphs below and if one focusses on the last 3-4 months period there is an improvement in the quality of air [AQI] as compared to same time last year. While summers are months when the pollution levels relatively tend to be lower than winters, having said that if one compares the AQI of the same months last year, one does see some improvement.

A point to be noted here is that given the magnitude of data collected over last 1 year, the graphs shown are hourly averages only and accordingly may not exactly show the peak on the day.

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While the initiative is at an early stage,DLF Foundation is committed to focus on this important subject and take it further to next level. Some of the projects lined up over next 12 months in this direction include:


We request all residents of DLF to come forward and share their suggestions/views on the subject so we all as a family make efforts toward environmental issues and leaving a greener and cleaner legacy for generations to come.