Building Lives By Ensuring Sustainable Mobility in Gurugram

Gurugram is one of the fastest growing metropolitan city in India which has witnessed urbanization at an annual growth rate of 119% between 2001 and 2011 (Urban Mass Transit Company, 2010). Gurugram is considered as pioneer model of public private partnership in land development projects across the country. Due to proximity with airport and National Capital Territory (NCR)- Delhi and situated right on the National Highway-8 makes the city approachable for residential, commercial and tertiary sector industrial developments.

Gurugram’s population according to the 2011 census was approximately 15 lakhs. However, an estimate suggest that the current population in the district is about 18 – 25 lakhs and population is growing exponentially, creating demand-supply side gap in a major way. One of the most important concerns of this constantly increasing population is that of increasing number of vehicles on roads, traffic congestion and lack of sustainable transport options with last mile connectivity to cater to the need of citizens. With the population explosion in the city, the requirement for transportation has also grown proportionally, posing serious questions before the developers and government administration to match the infrastructural and management issues.

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Conference on Building Lives By Ensuring Sustainable Mobility in Gurugram

About The Conference

In quest of becoming one the largest metropolises in India, the city of Gurugram also serves as a foundation to largest urban agglomeration in the world. However with the current land crunch and other natural resources, one of the major concerns is accessibility and availability to public transport. It is suggested that with the change in population dynamics, number of vehicles, as registered, have increased in symbiosis with traffic congestion.

DLF Foundation conceived the idea for venturing into sustainable public transit, serving as an inception point to adopt sustainable mobility for with last mile connectivity, reinforcing the current transportation practices. A new approach was adopted, which calls for engagement of all stakeholders on the subject to develop a roadmap for the issue at hand and collectively work towards execution of the ideas. As a collaborative effort by other DLF Foundation and corporates, NGOs, public and private institutions, a project initiative is conceived, termed as “Gurugram Rejuvenation Project”.

Stimulating the process of intra city transportation issue in Gurugram, DLF Foundation has engaged with the District Administration, the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram, Institute of Road Traffic and Education, (IRTE) and institutions such as TERI School of Advanced Studies & Management Development Institute (MDI) as knowledge partners.

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