Model Village Project, Gurgaon

DLF Foundation under its Model Village Project undertakes several infrastructure development projects for development of the village. The objective is to convert the village into a smart village modelled on Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana of Government of India. Tikli village is near Badshapur, Gurugram, district of Haryana. It has a population of around 10,000 people. Many companies under their CSR initiative are also working in rural areas but the concept of a model village has not been achieved by any of them. After undertaking thorough review, study and onsite visits of existing models, DLF Foundation set up to set a benchmark for social and economic development model in rural location, primarily with an agri-based rural economy to create a DLF MODEL VILLAGE PROJECT in Teekli village in Gurgaon as per DLF own set of parameters in reference to the Human Development Index and Sustainable Development Goals. The following project activities have been initiated under the project for the FY 2017-18:

1) School Development Program (Govt. Girls Primary School & Govt. Senior Secondary School)

The village panchayat along with the Principal of the Government Senior Secondary School, Teekli, Haryana and the Government Primary School, Teekli have requested DLF Foundation to adopt the school by undertaking infrastructure development and enhancing the quality of education in the School. Based on the request, DLF Foundation undertook a need assessment along with Society for All Round Development (SARD) an NGO involved in such educational activities. It was found that the school is under resourced government school and there is an urgent need to improve the school infrastructure relating to water, sanitation, school equipments and painting of the school. It was also found that the school needs further educational enhancement program to improve learning levels of students through capacity building of all stakeholders including SMC / Teachers, students, community and multi-level government bodies.

Considering the above, a comprehensive project has been developed that includes the components such as Construction of New toilet for boys, New toilet for girls, Drinking water points with 2 water coolers, Beautification near the school banyan trees, Whitewash and painting, development of the school infrastructure, environmental beautification, educational activities to enhance the quality of education and Training of Teachers.

2. Construction of Sports Facility: To provide basic sports facility to the youth a sports ground with a boundary wall along side is being constructed.

3. Water ATM: Safe Drinking Water Unit: The setting up of the Water ATM has been completed in September, 2017 and the drinking water supply is provided from October, 2017 operated by Water Health International.

4. Training and exposure visits of Panchayat: The community leaders of Tikli Village, Gurugram made a five- day tour to Ralegan Siddhi and Hivare Bazar, Maharasthra, to learn how to convert Tikli, a village in Gurgaon modelled on Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana. The delegation got the opportunity to learn from the social activist Shrit Anna Hazare and attend the training sessions by his team, including project visits to help them prepare a strategic plan for Tikli village. A vibrant team of 25 community members from Tikli Village including the sarpanch.


Tikli Village gains insights from Anna Hazare’s Ralegan Siddhi for developing Tikli as model village
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