Human Resource Development

In India, human resource development has got strengthened with the companies investing their time to analyze the employees’ fitment for the different job profiles and evaluate the required skills & abilities. Apart from that, the organization also determine the levels of orientation & training, setting out the appropriate packages for different job profiles and making the workers learn how to make optimum use of company’s resources.


Where a large part of the workforce in India comes from the rural background, it is very easy for them to get attracted to all the bright opportunities in Urban India. It comprises of better employment & livelihood opportunities, better standard of living, higher education and developing interpersonal skills. The rural workforce lacks in the right skills, their abilities to communicate and do justice to their work.


For the effective implementation of human resource development in india, DLF Foundation has helped India grow with rich skillful manpower. The launch of skill development programme in India has empowered the rural communities of India. It has increased the employment opportunities for the unemployed youth. India’s youth have been increasingly getting proper training with the new emerging avenues that comprise IT, Customer Relations, Sales, Hospitality, and Construction.


Hence, the foundation has been serving people to be technically well-equipped. Apart from that, NGO agencies for poor have been set up by DLF Foundation, serving the primary healthcare needs of the poor. Their work focuses on to curbing out poverty from the rural areas. DLF has been working hand in hand to upgrade the economic conditions of the rural communities in India.