Mobile Healthcare Vans

DLF Mobile Hospital Vans aim to reach a wide population base covering a number of villages and labour camps where construction laborers live either alone or with their families. These vans are equipped with basic diagnostics, in-built Laboratory, ECG and X-Ray facilities and are manned by a lady Gynecologist and a General Physician. First such van is going to be launched shortly.

DLF Foundation was co-sponsor for the CII Lifeline Express (Hospital on Wheels) health camp in Hingoli, Maharashtra in 2008.

The Lifeline Express is the world’s first hospital functioning from a train consisting of 5 coaches catering to pre and post operative care and is an international initiative against disablement. It offers on-the-spot diagnostics, medical and surgical interventions to the disabled, free of cost. Over 1500 patients with cleft lip, ear deafness, and polio and cataract disabilities were operated last year.

We are in the process of launching DLF Mobile Medicare Vans which have the flexibility required to reach a wide population covering large number of villages and labour hutment camps where construction labourers live. Equipped with basic diagnostics In-built Lab and X-Ray facilities these vans are manned by a Gynecologist and a General Physician,.
The Mobile Medicare Vans provide Free OPD Services with subsidized medicines (free for those below the poverty line). Community Health Outreach Services are an integrated part of this Mobile Van programme. The doctors conduct Specialist Camps focused on prevalent ailments in rural areas. In addition, the Auxiliary Nurse and Midwife play an important role in propagating safe labour practices.