Primary Health Centers

DLF has established a series of Primary Health Centers which provide free medical consultancy, specialist treatment, free diagnostics and medicines to a large rural community. Linkages have been established for secondary and tertiary care.

To cater to the health needs of the rural and urban underserved community, we have, with the active help and participation of the local self governing bodies and the community, established a number of Primary Health Centers which provide free medical consultancy, diagnostics, health checkups, eye care and subsidized medicines. Each such center is manned by a team of two doctors; a medical specialist and a gynecologist assisted by paramedic staff and lab assistant These centers are presently functioning in five locations in Haryana and Punjab.

To take care of specialized treatment, specialists’ camps are organized in the villages periodically. We have also conducted a number of eye camps in the villages in Haryana.The Primary Healthcare Center also organize a number of health programmes for increasing awareness within the community and have generally been well received .

The foundation ensures the quality and timely healthcare services like diagnosis, clinical consultation, specialised treatment under periodic camps and subsidized medicines are avail to improve rural healthcare in India. The periodic camps are also organised in rural areas to deliver specialised medical services.


The success of Primary Health Centers can be gauged by the fact that the number of beneficiaries have nearly doubled due to people from neighboring villages also now making use of these facilities. A total of over 1.5 lakh population is being covered under this programme and a total of nearly 20,000 people have been treated.