Renewable Energy

Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment Management are key issues for a wide range of businesses as they seek to resolve long outstanding operational and competitive challenges using socially and environmentally friendly technologies and processes. DLF has been a pioneer in this field.

DLF’s 150 MW wind power project at Gujarat was registered on 18th June 2009 for 3,00,000 carbon credits at the UN-managed Clean Development Mechanism agency “United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change” (UNFCCC). This brings DLF in the league of the select few companies in the country to have obtained carbon credits for their projects. A number of other proposals for registration with UNFCCC are in the pipeline.

An additional 1,00,000 carbon credits have been registered for DLF’s Karnataka wind farm. DLF’s wind power projects are clean energy projects as there is no carbon emission from such power generation.

DLF has one of the biggest wind power generating installed capacities in India with 217 MW.