Rural Education Programme

Towards our commitment for ensuring quality education for all, forty four DLF Learning Excellence Centers have been established in rural Haryana focusing on improving primary learning levels in Hindi, English and Arithmetic. This initiative aims at supplementing the education already being imparted in government schools.

To enhance the learning standards in the rural schools in the state of Haryana, we have established 44 DLF Learning Excellence Centers to enhance learning and assimilation levels amongst school children. The emphasis is to enhance educational standards in Mathematics, English and Hindi of primary school students, particularly the reading and communication skills through introduction of innovative and modern learning techniques.

These Centers operate through already established Government schools in the area and help students in developing holistic skills and personality by combining learning with fun based activities like recitation, story telling, public speaking and debates.

The activities help the children to overcome their inhibitions and make learning effortless and fun. The intervention is also designed for students with low learning levels to help them attain above par levels so that their interest in learning is retained and they are motivated to continue their education. The Rural Learning Excellence Centers espouse the cause of effective learning and ensure that the learning finds reflection in the personality and the knowledge base of each student. They function out of Government schools in the villages by augmenting teaching infrastructure through local volunteers who are trained in these innovative techniques. Selecting local volunteers combines the twin goals of getting graduate girls in these villages to find an opportunity to utilize their skills which otherwise go waste in the rural conservative environment; as well as making the children relate much more easily with known faces in their quest for knowledge.

Summer Camps and functions are conducted during breaks to let the children showcase their hidden talents and competitions are held between the schools to encourage an array of activities like essay writing, drawing, enacting plays, dance performances, etc.