Rural Infrastructure Programme

In the last year alone over 12.5 kilometer of rural village roads have been constructed in the villages of Narsingpur, Nawada Fatehpur, Mewka, Naurangpur and Palra villages of Gurgaon district to provide connectivity to the Village main road and National Highway No. 8.

The importance of developing infrastructure haslong been recognized by DLF Foundation as central to promoting economic growth in underdeveloped areas. These initiatives in rural areas have a wide ranging impact on communities both in-terms of income and improving quality of life.

The ongoing government efforts need to be augmented with the support of private sector. We have been actively participating in this effort in key areas such as village roads and road connectivity with mainstream road networks. In addition, assistanceis provided in provision of basic amenities such as sewage disposal, water supply, provision of drains and electrification. These efforts are complimented by augmenting existing resources by constructing and upgrading school halls, playgrounds and other village facilities which directly impact the villagers.This is where reputed organizations like DLF Foundation have been able to achieve success through its Rural development programme and Rural infrastructure programme in India.