Swachh City Campaign

At DLF we believe, Mission Clean India cannot be accomplished by governments alone. Business and industry have a key role to play. In this context, DLF will strive to assume a leadership role in the corporate realm; act as a catalyst in ensuring actual implementation and delivery; create a model for others to emulate; augment government’s efforts; and create a healthy and empowered state.

For DLF Foundation specifically, a clean DLF City is a litter-free city where waste removal services are effective, proper sewage disposal practices, bins are not overflowing, construction of toilets and waste is not dumped illegally, amongst others.

The objective of the Clean City Campaign launched by DLF Foundation is to create a clean Haryana by 2019. DLF Foundation will provide sustainable waste management service solutions to address the illegal dumping challenge, create a brigade of sanitation workers, construct public toilets, have water-sewage systems that covers the entire population in DLF City.

In addition to an effective infrastructure, realising a clean city vision requires community involvement and law abiding citizens with a deep love for their city and its wellbeing. So DLF Foundation will adopt a proactive approach to the challenge, which will include educating the citizens of DLF City and school children on the importance of keeping their communities clean. An important component of the campaign will be to educate communities on the impact of littering and illegal dumping. It will also address the negative impact these unlawful practices have on the environment.

The benefits of a clean city include healthy citizens and a productive economy, flourishing business hubs – and ultimately a city that is highly attractive to investors and tourists. That’s the vision that DLF Foundation has for DLF City.

The DLF Foundation’s existing programmes such as the Village Cluster Programme which has components of cleanliness, sanitation and waste management will support the Clean City Campaign even further.