What We Do

  • Financial Support to the meritorious underprivileged to enable them to get admissions in good schools recruited by DLF Foundation and facilitate admissions to other schools where feasible.
  • Conducting talent/need identification with each scholar and designing detailed handholding programs.
  • Organise a permanent Counselling Cell by DLF Foundation
  • Recruiting and engaging a network of external agencies/experts like volunteers Mentors, Professionals, Experts, Counsellors, NGO’s to support in the implementation of the handholding programmes.
  • Rolling out the Employee volunteering programme and appointing senior employees as guides. GM and above from DLF would be engaged in adopting and mentoring two to three scholars. They would act as a friend, guide, facilitator and problem solver for the scholars.
  • Organise periodic thematic workshops during summer break to enhance Social Ability which concerns leadership, public speaking, teamwork, life skills, communication, etiquette, and other similar social concepts.
  • Enable high achievers in arts and sports to access coaching by institutions imparting such coaching facilities.
  • Regular interaction of students & parents would be done by DLF Foundation team to handle the various aspects relating to academics, and adjustment issues.
  • Monitoring of the overall program implementation by the DLF Foundation Team.

Programs for high-achievers

  • Finance additional coaching for entrance examinations for professional courses for Class XII.
  • Felicitate and award High Achievers.
  • Provide recognition to students who have cleared National Talent Test Examination (NTSE).
  • Sponsor high achievers (above 90% aggregate) to participate in national & state level events (eg. National Science Exhibition, State level, Sports meet etc).
  • To provide access to technology vis-à-vis Tablets or used lap tops, Internet access etc.

Programs for low-achievers (below 60%)

  • Mentors (Volunteer Retired senior citizens)
  • Remedial Teaching and Funding to access special coaching by teachers to improve academic performance.
  • Expert counselling by the Counselling Cell, appointed by DLF Foundation.
  • Like all other scholars, these scholars will continue to have their specific guides under the DLF volunteering program who will be looking at their performance.