Chairman's Message

India’s historic rise as one of the world’s major economic powers has brought to the forefront the challenge of ensuring that the benefits of growth and prosperity are shared by all. I believe that the gigantic task of bridging the rural-urban and urban-urban divides cannot be accomplished by governments alone, and that business and industry have a key role to play in helping to realize the national mission of inclusive growth and empowerment of the disadvantaged sections of society.

I also believe that the increasing awareness of the social responsibilities of the corporate sector need to be taken a step further by undertaking dedicated, mission-mode philanthropic activities in a targeted and result-oriented manner in order to make a lasting difference.

This has been the core philosophy behind the establishment of the DLF Foundation, which aims at evolving innovative and action based solutions to help undeserved sections of society fulfill their unrealized aspirations for a better life through interventions in the areas of health, education, and employment linked skill development.

The rise of a country from poverty to prosperity is a great and fascinating journey and I believe that this struggle of one-sixth of humanity for dignity and equity is of great consequence for the future of the world and has meaning for all mankind. The DLF Foundation is committed to playing its part in this endeavor to create sustainable economies and transform stagnant lives into active partnerships through proactive handholding and nurturing of trusted relationships.

Mr. K.P. Singh