Conference On Building Lives By Ensuring Sustainable Mobility In Gurugram

In the quest for becoming one of the largest metropolises in India, the city of Gurugram also served as a foundation for the largest urban agglomeration in the world. However, with the crunch for land and other natural resources, one of the major concerns was accessibility and availability of public transport. It was suggested that with the change in population dynamics, the number of vehicles, as registered, had increased in symbiosis with traffic congestion.

DLF Foundation conceived the idea of venturing into sustainable public transit, serving as an inception point to adopt sustainable mobility with last-mile connectivity, reinforcing the current transportation practices. A new approach was adopted which called for the engagement of all stakeholders on the subject to develop a roadmap for the issue at hand and collectively work towards the execution of the ideas. As a collaborative effort by DLF Foundation and other corporates, NGOs, public and private institutions, a project initiative was conceived termed as “Gurugram Rejuvenation Project”.

Stimulating the process of intracity transportation issue in Gurugram, DLF Foundation engaged with the district administration, Municipal Corporation of Gurugram, Institute of Road Traffic and Education, (IRTE) and institutions such as TERI School of Advanced Studies & Management Development Institute (MDI) as knowledge partners.

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