Community Development Programme

The launch of the Community Development Programme in India is a strong initiative taken by DLF Foundation. At DLF, we aim to bring together the people of diverse communities to establish clean and green ecosystems in India. With this programme, DLF focuses on the upliftment of the rural section of society. This includes agriculture, animal husbandry, health, education, and housing, and employment, social and cultural activities.

With this programme, we have been able to provide better employment and livelihood opportunities to unemployed youth. Moreover, education and health of the underprivileged are improved with our society improvement schemes. Under their educational programmes, DLF Foundation has established schools and Rural Learning Excellence Centers that imparts training to the students without any educational expenses involved. Under the healthcare programmes, DLF has built Primary Health Centres at every nook and corner of rural society. These centers provide free medical treatment, free diagnostics as well as medicines to more than 1 lakh people of the Indian rural community.

With the community development programme in India, we have also paid significant attention to environmental improvements. Swachh City Campaign strives to make India a healthy and empowered nation. With this, we believe in creating DLF City as a litter-free society where waste-removal services and proper sewage disposable practices are efficiently carried out.

Given the current scenario, DLF Foundation has currently adopted a proactive approach to all the challenges rural India is facing today. By addressing gaps in the fields of education, healthcare, environment and labour welfare, DLF has gained global recognition for its noteworthy contribution to community development in India.