Distribution of medical and safety equipment and monetary donations

To save lives during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, DLF Foundation focused on providing an uninterrupted supply of oxygen to the needy. 300 Oxygen concentrators and 120 cylinders were circulated through our network of ambulances in NCR. The oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders have been provisioned at the COVID-19 facilities for use both within the facility and circulation to the needy through our network of ambulances.

DLF Foundation provided COVID-19 medical and safety equipment to the government to augment healthcare facilities for impacted communities. A state-of-the-art CT scan machine has been donated to the Civil Hospital, Mussoorie. Additionally, ventilators and 10,000 oximeters were handed over to the Haryana Government.

We also extended monetary help by contributing a sum of INR 5 crores to the Haryana COVID-19 Relief Fund, INR 50 lacs to the Tamil Nadu State Relief Fund, INR 10 lacs to the Chennai Kanchipuram District Relief Fund, and INR 5 lacs to the Society for Cyberabad Security Council in Hyderabad.

We supported the efforts of the government by providing medical relief and safety equipment to various district administrations across Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Chennai, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Panchkula and Indore. We provided over 5 lacs of face masks, 4 lacs examination gloves, PPE kits, sanitisers, COVID-19 testing kits, multiple diagnostic machines, hospital beds and oxygen cylinders.

The fight against COVID-19 is an ongoing one. To ensure that we live in a safer city, we partner with PI Industries for sanitisation of Gurugram and ensure fumigation of the entire city and adjoining villages using Japanese sanitisation vehicles.

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We distributed safety equipment to COVID-19 frontline workers:

5.5 lakh face masks

2600 antigen testing kits

4.3 lakh medical gloves

1 lakh head covers and shoe covers

10,000 litres of hand sanitizer

9200 PPE kits

We established a COVID-19 Care Centre at MCD Hospital and donated:

Diagnostic machines

Hospitals beds

Oxygen cylinders

Masks and sanitizers

IV stand and crash cart trolley

Contribution to Government COVID-19 Relief Funds


for Telangana


for Tamil Nadu


for Haryana

COVID-19 Care Centres

Responding to the immense shortage of medical infrastructure experienced by all during the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, DLF Foundation has taken initiatives to provide help to affected communities.

To address the shortage of access to medical care, DLF Foundation established two well-equipped COVID-19 care facilities housed temporarily in the DLF Community Centres in Gurgaon. DLF Foundation has renovated these facilities as per medical requirements, created partnerships and has equipped these COVID-19 facilities with the best possible medical resources and equipment. The community centres have been renovated as per medical needs and equipped with nursing stations and all necessary furniture, medical equipment and consumables required for a COVID-19 facility.

DLF Foundation partnered with Institute for Global Development for ensuring round-the-clock additional medical manpower including doctors, nurses, paramedics, ward boys and housekeeping staff ensuring effective medical and administrative management of the COVID-19 facility along with effective coordination and reporting.

The community centres have been renovated as per medical needs and equipped with piped oxygen, doffing stations, 125 electric beds, bedside cabinets, nebulizers, emergency hydraulic trolleys, wheelchairs, IV stands, nursing stations, medical equipment and consumables required for a COVID-19 facility. Installation of Oxygen Generation Plants ensures continuous supply of oxygen to patients so that lives are not lost to COVID-19 on this account.

DLF Foundation has partnered with Narayana (NH) Super Speciality Hospital in DLF Phase 3 and their team of doctors and nurses manage the COVID-19 care facility established in DLF Phase 3, Gurugram. The proximity of the community centre to the hospital has been the key factor in ensuring uninterrupted services and evacuation of critically ill patients from the COVID-19 care facility to the hospital in case of a medical emergency. DLF Foundation also partners with Care India for managing the COVID-19 care facility in DLF Phase 1. All necessary tie-ups are put in place with the Civil Hospital and other private hospitals for emergency evacuation of critical patients.

DLF Foundation has partnered with the Institute for Global Development for ensuring round-the-clock additional medical manpower including housekeeping staff ensuring effective medical and administrative management of the COVID-19 facility along with effective coordination and reporting.

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DLF Foundation is focusing on vaccinating the poor and migrants through a series of vaccination camps being organized in partnership with leading hospitals like Manipal, Fortis, Medanta, Narayana, and Hope Oncology in various locations like Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Kolkata, Chandigarh and Chennai for the public at large.

These vaccination camps and "Drive Through Vaccinations" ensure a smooth & safe vaccination experience. Over 32,000 people have been vaccinated so far and efforts are on to vaccinate the maximum possible numbers to continue to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Health Screening Camps

Continuing its commitment to healthcare, DLF Foundation organizes free health camps, where preventive and diagnostic testing is conducted, along with requisite consultations & provision of basic medicines to the marginalised. The camps screen for all ailments to assess the overall health of the patients. Some of the tests conducted include lipid profile, diabetes, thyroid and kidney function, liver function, etc. among others. Health camps are organised at multiple locations benefitting the unorganised labour and migrant workers.

The health camps are impactful for many beneficiaries who have underlying health issues which have gone either unnoticed or were ignored. Till now, the health camps have reached out to over 8000 beneficiaries.

Meals Distribution

With the help of Akshay Patra and ISKCON, the DLF Foundation served over 34 lakh cooked meals to the poor and needy in over 240 different locations across NCR in Gurugram, Delhi and Noida. The Foundation worked day and night in close coordination with the Government in Gurugram, Delhi and Noida for identifying areas requiring intervention and then fulfilling those needs.

During the Lockdown In Gurugram, 65,000 meals were served every day with the help of Municipal Corporation of Gurugram, and with the help of the District Administration in the rural slums of Gurugram, Manesar, Farukhnagar , Pataudi and Sohna. Similarly, over 15,000 meals were distributed every day in Delhi and Noida with the help of the local administration and the police authorities.

Over 30 lakh meals in the form of dry rations were distributed by the DLF Foundation to the poor and needy. These family rations packed by nearly 120 DLF volunteers were distributed to the daily wagers and migrant workers across Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida in Uttar Pradesh, Panchkula in Punjab and Kolkata.


meals distributed pan-India


cooked meals distributed


daily meals distributed in Gurugram


Meals in the form of dry ration

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E Psyclinic

DLF Foundation has partnered with E-Psyclinic and District Administration, Gurugram for providing online counseling support to residents of Gurugram. The E- Psyclinic has been providing psycho-social support for the general public including women, students, COVID-19 patients & frontline workers with issues related to depression, health anxiety, restlessness & work stressors since June 2021. As of date, this program has already benefitted over 38,000+ callers with support for their mental health concerns.