An Education Support Programme

DLF Foundation is committed to driving excellence along with inclusivity in education. With this intent our program was established in the year 2011. Based on the premise that every child has the right to education, the primary objective has been to nurture children to enable them to learn and acquire skills to step into the future by transforming students into responsible citizens. Since its inception this program has made a meaningful difference in the lives of children by giving them access to quality education through financial support. Scholarships are awarded to underprivileged students from class 1 till class XII in recognized state and central schools across India.

Our team works tirelessly towards providing academic support by combining social-emotional learning, mentoring, counselling and remedial assistance to students and their families. The entire program is technologically enabled which helps our beneficiaries to be digitally aware along with embedding all aspects of documentation, training, and learning.

Programme objectives


Educate, nurture and mentor children for holistic development


Academic excellence, abilities, skills, and competencies


Social and emotional development

Impact Till Date

20 statewide presence
3400 Students enrolled in
last ten years
850 students completed schooling


Access to Education

The program educates, empowers, and supports meritorious and underprivileged children through sponsorships in quality schools. Its foundational framework is equitable inclusive and holistic, enabling every child to be equipped with knowledge, competencies and values helping them to step into the 21st century.

Beyond School Programme

This scholarship has aided thousands of students in higher education through financial support to pursue full-time undergraduate studies and professional courses.

Contribution to UN SDGs

The programme is designed with the UN sustainable development goals at the heart of it. A commitment towards poverty alleviation, gender sensitivity, livelihood, and equitable education is our core focus.

National Education Policy

All learning is dovetailed within the NEP framework which consists of vocational learning, career guidance, indigenous practices, value education, global citizenship, and digitalization.

Capacity Building of Teachers

The programme has been working tirelessly along with the educators to bring about innovation in teaching learning tools, pedagogy and support them with concerns pertaining to student assessments, mentoring and counselling skills, as well as fostering digital awareness.

Parental Engagement

The Programme enables first-generation learners with quality education which acts as a catalyst for positive change within their families and society at large.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

To equip the scholars address mental health and wellbeing issues, individual and group sessions are organized addressing poverty, domestic violence, peer pressure, adolescent changes, technology addiction, substance abuse, sibling rivalry, sexual harassment, and others.


DLF Raghavendra Scholarship was established to aid underprivileged and meritorious students. They are placed in private budget schools selected for their strong infrastructure and academic quality.


DLF CARES Talent Nurturing Programme became holistic, encompassing scholars in non-academic areas including sports, music, art, and craft. The programme also supported outreach initiatives in professional courses like medicine, engineering, management, and technology.


DLF Scholars clinched gold medals at the Asia Pacific Games in Australia. Among the 564 children supported by the DLF CARES Nurturing Talent Programme, some were intellectually challenged youth. The DLF Foundation partnered with Special Olympics Bharat-Delhi to help fulfil the dreams of our special needs students.


The annual Scholar Conclave was held, providing a unique opportunity to students for showcasing their talents and share their journeys. 800 scholars, their parents, principals, and teachers participated, along with DLF volunteers.


DLF Foundation sports scholars won 14 medals at the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles, USA. Our athletes secured a rich haul of 14 medals: 7 gold, 1 silver, and 6 bronze, across cycling, badminton, and athletics. The scholars had the opportunity to meet the First Lady, Michelle Obama.


Kartik Sawhney, a visually impaired Scholar, received the Queen's Young Leader Award for his outstanding innovation (Project STEM ACCESS). He received his award from Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. He pursued his studies at Stanford University with support from the DLF Foundation.


A scholarship guidance cell provided support, counselling, and mentoring through workshops. Scholars used peer learning and received funding for an 11-month residential coaching programme, excelling in exams like IIT and JEE. Remarkably, some even gained admission to Ivy League institutions like Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, and Stanford, showcasing their outstanding achievements.


DLF CARES alumni were invited for a face-to-face programme to share their journeys and how the DLF Foundation's support motivated them to pursue their dreams and believe in their abilities. Scholars from Jammu and Kashmir visited the DLF Foundation and interacted with students under the Sadhvana programme.


The scheme reached a new height, supporting eight hundred and seventy-six students and grooming them to be future-ready from school to college. The year was filled with activities, teachings, counselling, and mentoring, concluding with the annual convocation.


DLF CARES supported scholars during Covid-19 with 1000+ tablets equipped with study materials, state and CBSE curriculums, and essential tech tools. These were distributed to partner schools in NCR and Mussoorie, along with internet access. Online counselling was also provided for those facing isolation and mental health issues.


The scholarship scheme shifted to a digital platform with a bilingual MIS portal. It integrated student data, fee receipts, and disbursements, making scholar profiles and progress reports accessible. This pioneering initiative notably enhanced funding tracking, learning delivery, and connectivity with students and parents, ensuring efficiency and transparency.


Introduction of both online and offline career guidance cell with psychometric assessment module to identify student interests. The number of applications received doubled as a result of the MIS portal. To standardise selection and identify learning gaps, baseline assessments were undertaken online to provide need-based education.


Release of the first Newsletter “KUTUMB”. The evaluation and expansion of partner schools with quality additions. DLF CARES PATHSHALA initiative launched. DLF CARES scholars ranked in the global top 10%. Classes IV to X students are provided daily remedial support. Daily mental health sessions are being provided to all students.


Glimpses of DLF CARES

DLF CARES Annual Scholars Conclave Celebrates Young Achievers

The DLF CARES Annual Scholars Conclave 2022-23 was held at the DLF QEC Ridge Valley School, Gurugram, on February 10, 2024. A celebration of DLF CARES scholars through music, dance, drama, and learning. 400 DLF CARES students, their parents, and partner NGOs came together creating a vibrant atmosphere of recognition and celebration. High achievers were awarded Certificates of Excellence and books, highlighting their dedication and accomplishments. Ms Mamta Saikia, CEO, Bharti Foundation, was the chief guest at the Conclave and her encouraging words resonated with the audience as she urged students to utilise the opportunities offered by the DLF Foundation’s Programme, emphasising its benefits.

Dr Ameeta Wattal commemorated the 12-year journey of this education support programme, highlighting its profound impact on the lives of thousands of children and their families over the years. In her address, Dr Wattal congratulated the DLF CARES team composed of Ms Meenakkshi Singh, Mr Kashish Nargotra, Mr Uday, and others on their efforts in making the Conclave a grand success.

At the conclave, the programme’s alumni expressed their gratitude for all the support and guidance received. The celebration concluded with a mesmerising dance drama performance by the scholars, drawing inspiration from Rabindranath Tagore’s play “Chandalika”, adding a touch of artistic brilliance to the event.

DLF CARES Scholar Meets the Honourable President of India

Marking one of the most memorable days of his life, a DLF CARES Scholar of Class VIII studying at Shishu Kalyan Sr Secondary School, Gurugram, had the opportunity to meet the Honourable President, Smt Droupadi Murmu.

During their interaction, the President spoke about the importance of taking collective responsibility; recognising and utilizing potentials positively; working hard and cultivating a habit of reading, especially biographies for inspiration; and promoting environmental awareness, health, and cleanliness.

Counselling Sessions Organised with MaanRahi, iDream Careers, and Lotus Petal Foundation

The DLF CARES In-School Education Support Programme conducted multiple sessions in collaboration with our partner agencies, MaanRahi, Lotus Petal Foundation, and iDream Careers, benefiting over 100 students, including both DLF CARES scholars and other students from classes IX to XII at Shishu Kalyan Senior Secondary School in Gurugram.

Session Insights:

MaanRahi, an NGO focused on mental health, conducted an interactive session on ‘exam-related stress’ for classes IX-XII. The session was well-received by students. It provided valuable strategies for exam preparation to help students to deliver their best. Students actively engaged in the session and addressed their concerns with the counsellors.

DLF CARES students from classes IX-XII were given career guidance sessions. These sessions covered comprehensive analysis, dashboard access, API models in assessments, and the significance of career execution plans to manage stress, particularly during critical periods like college admissions and scholarships. Information on essential documents to apply for scholarship was shared to ensure timely access. These sessions were informative, engaging and received enthusiastic student participation with prompt query solution. The school management was appreciative of the positive impact of these workshops on the students.

The counsellor from Lotus Petal Foundation, in collaboration with the Head of Scholarships & Fellowships at DLF CARES, mentored 48 students from classes III-VIII on self-study. Students openly discussed their challenges and received guidance and support to address them effectively.

These collaborative efforts aim to empower students with knowledge, skills, and emotional wellbeing, fostering informed decisions in their academic and career journeys.

Faculty Need Assessment Conducted with ACER

With the aim to support the teachers and staff at various partner schools, DLF CARES collaborated with ACER India (Australian Council for Educational Research) to conduct need assessment exercises for teachers from eight of its partner schools in New Delhi and Gurugram. The need assessment focused on understanding the level of academic skills and teaching pedagogy with a view to enhance the classroom experience of students and teachers alike.

As part of this, 60+ teachers were assessed in key domains such as pedagogical knowledge, social-emotional learning skills, problem-solving & reasoning skills, and teacher’s Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN). The insights from this will help determine the strengths and areas of improvement, thereby introducing structured learning interventions in the long run.

DLF CARES Honoured with Shrestha Bharat Award

The DLF CARES In-School Education Support Programme receives the Bharat Shrestha Sewa Sanstha Award from Shri Bandaru Dattatreya, Hon'ble Governor Haryana, and Professor Raj Nehru, Vice Chancellor, Vishwakarma Skill University for its outstanding work in educating the underprivileged child communities.

Partner School Visits and Counselling Session for DLF CARES Scholars

DLF CARES is dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance to its students; and in its endeavour to work towards this commitment, counselling sessions are being organised at partner schools for DLF CARES Scholars of Classes I to VIII to help them overcome the challenges in school and at home.

The Head of Scholarship & Fellowships at DLF CARES, along with a counsellor from Lotus Petal Foundation engaged with numerous students at Pine Crest School, Gurugram, and at KLK Saraswati Bal Mandir, Mehrauli.

During these sessions, challenges with academics and remedial classes were addressed and appropriate guidance provided for the same. Furthermore, students were counselled on the significance of discipline and effective management of time.

Collaboration Meeting: DLF CARES Programme

Fostering collaboration and ensuring the success of our flagship initiative, the DLF CARES In-School Education Support Programme, organised a meeting with the parents of the wards benefiting from educational support. The gathering, attended by senior career counsellors from iDream Careers and DLF CARES Project Coordinator at Chennai, aimed to align the project's objectives, strategies, and expectations among all key stakeholders.

During the meeting, an overview of the project's goals and strategies were provided to the parents, emphasizing the importance of effective communication and synergy among all involved. The gathering also focused on highlighting the programme's key milestones, deadlines, and the necessity of adhering to timelines. The concerns raised by parents of the scholars were addressed during the productive session.

Overall, the meeting proved successful in establishing a strong foundation for collaboration and understanding among stakeholders, laying the groundwork for the project's future success.

Faculty Enrichment Programme 2023

In order to address the crucial need for improving the quality of education and learning outcomes, the DLF CARES In-School Education Support Programme conducted a Faculty Enrichment Programme at Shishu Kalyan Sr Secondary School, Gurugram, on June 30, 2023. Recognising the pivotal role of teachers in shaping young minds, the programme aimed to enhance the teaching skills and competencies of the staff at foundational, primary, and middle school levels. With 96 school teachers and two principals from the five partner schools, the training sessions focused on equipping educators with new learning strategies and innovative approaches to engage young learners effectively. The Programme centred around fostering a conducive learning environment, adopting competency-based assessments, bridging learning gaps, and promoting experiential and inclusive education. The sessions covered were for Foundational, Primary, and Middle school teachers, respectively.

Practical strategies, best practices, inclusion of real-life examples, case studies, and success stories inspired teachers and provided them with tangible ideas to implement in their classrooms. With the help of knowledge of child psychology, varied assessment methods, differentiated instruction, and inclusive education, the sessions truly enriched the teachers.

A tribute to the heroes on Mother’s Day

DLF CARES hosted an online session where students shared their gratitude for their mothers. Here are some that brought a smile to our faces:

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Interactive session with parents of DLF CARES scholars to foster transparency & trust

Recognising the importance of transparency and trust, an interactive session was conducted on June 12, 2023, for the parents of students who are receiving scholarship support under the DLF CARES In-School Education Support Programme. The session provided an invaluable platform for parents to engage with the Head of Scholarships and Fellowships, where their queries and concerns were addressed in a supportive environment.

Uniform and textbook distribution at DLF CARES partner schools in Gurugram

On a regular basis, DLF CARES partners with affordable private schools to provide selected students with access to quality education. These schools are aligned to the vision and mission of our programme and lay emphasis on academics and the holistic development of its students. 14 such private schools are empanelled as partners. All expenses towards the education of the selected students are taken care of by the Foundation. This covers tuition and examination fees, annual charges, textbooks, and uniform. Families have greatly benefitted through this initiative and are very appreciate of the efforts taken by DLF Foundation.

Collaborative Initiative with Lotus Petal Charitable Trust

A collaborative initiative between DLF Foundation and the Lotus Petal Charitable Trust has seen a journey forward. Interactive e-learning remedial classes in literacy, numeracy, along with counselling will be conducted for students and parents under the DLF CARES Education Support Programme.

Partner School Visit

In an endeavour to understand the needs of the students as part of our flagship initiative, Dr Ameeta M Wattal, Chairperson and Executive Director, DLF QEC Innovative Schools and Scholarship Programmes; Ms Meenakkshi H Singh, Head Scholarships and Fellowship; and other members of the DLF CARES Team have been visiting partner schools in Gurugram. Following this, interventions will be planned and transacted to ensure quality education and holistic development of the children.

DLF CARES Annual Scholars Conclave
CBSE Results of DLF CARES Scholars for the Academic Year 2021-22
Information Session on the Agniveer Programme

DLF CARES as part of its In-School Education Programme, organises many events to inform and inspire young minds about various skills and career opportunities. As part of this initiative, the programme invited Colonel Prasenjit Kar of the Recruitment Directorate, Army Headquarters, for a session with students of XI and XII, with the aim of the session being to inform students about various recruitment opportunities and procedures in the Indian Army. Colonel Kar introduced students to the army’s new recruitment drive- Agniveer and explained the various aspects of the programme including eligibility, physical, written and field tests.

ACER Assessment of DLF CARES Scholars
Beyond School - Supporting Scholars for Higher Education

DLF CARES is collaborating with iDreamCareer, a professional career counselling organisation, to identify and facilitate toppers of Class XII to gain admission to institutions of their choice and aptitude.

Various scholars have benefitted through this intervention. Vastavi Kumar, a DLF CARES scholar who scored exceptionally in the Class XII board exams with a score of 94.2%, is now studying at a premier institution, IIT-BHU. Additionally, two other scholars, Gargi Sharma and Ruchi Sharma were selected for the B. Com programme at BML Munjal university and secured a scholarship of 12 lakh rupees.

Teacher Training Workshops at DLF CARES Partner Schools

With teacher training being a very important aspect of the DLF CARES programme, to ensure learning is imparted effectively to students, DLF QEC Innovative Schools are conducting a series of workshops for the partner school-teachers in a variety of topics encompassing subject skills, motivation, mental health, physical wellbeing and various aspects of the National Education Policy. The trainings being conducted are held both online and offline, and after a long gap of two years, physical workshops for the students of Classes IV to X and their parents are being conducted by eminent resources.

Career Counselling Sessions for the Academic Year 2022-23

With the aim to help students chart out their future aspirations, DLF CARES as part of its In-School Education programme, conducted psychometric assessments for the scholars. Around 143 scholars studying in Class XII undertook this assessment. As part of this initiative, students were provided individualized road maps as per their aptitude, one on one career counselling is being conducted for 44 students studying in DLF CARES partner schools (Shishu Kalyan School and The Pine Crest School).

A career counsellor from iDreamCareer met students and parents to identify and guide them on what institutions or vocational programmes they should choose based on their interest and aptitude which emerged from the psychometric tests taken. Additionally, as part of this initiative, group counselling sessions for Class X are being conducted at partner schools (Shishu Kalyan School and The Pine Crest School) and various sessions are being conducted to guide and help students with documentations needed for admissions.

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