The Golf Excellence Programme was instituted in 2017 in partnership with the DLF Golf Academy and K&A Golf Private Limited. Since its inception, the programme has achieved commendable results. The plan is to support and encourage young boys and girls to pursue golf, whether as a pastime or later as a professional sport. Junior golfers in the age group of 12–18 years are supported for their coaching, equipment, fitness, nutrition and participation in tournaments.

Internationally recognised coaches visit the DLF Golf Academy periodically to conduct regular assessments and suggest the way forward. Several coaching camps were organised to focus on individual golf lessons and assessments, including short game lessons, on-course planning and lectures on course management. The programme undertakes interactions and feedback from parents, fitness professionals and coaches.

12 juniors in the Golf Excellence Program currently

28 hours of golf training every week

Highly qualified teaching professionals from the DLF Golf Academy and international consultant, Jonathan Mannie

50+ awards at the national and international level