Health Screening Camps in Gurugram, Delhi and Noida

DLF Foundation has partnered with Fortis Healthcare for a series of Health Screening Camps in Gurugram, Delhi and Noida. The health screening camps are organized for the general public and labourers to promote regular health check-ups and provide quality healthcare to the underserved. Tests are conducted to check blood pressure, blood sugar levels, liver functionality (SGOT and SGPT) and ECG tests are conducted to check heart health. Around 999 beneficiaries have been provided healthcare through this initiative.

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Family Health Centre in Gwal Pahari

DLF Foundation is supporting Adharshila for a Family Health Centre in Gwal Pahari, Gurugram, to make quality healthcare affordable for impoverished communities living in and around the area. The centre provides speciality care in family medicine, gynaecology, paediatrics, dermatology etc., having specialized doctors visiting the facility thrice a week.

Beneficiaries also have access to general physicians, facilities like a pathology lab and a radiology service. Health camps are being organized as well to detect and diagnose heart diseases, cancer, dental problems, bone density issues, etc.

Around 35-40 patients visit the Centre per day to avail subsidized check-ups. Through this initiative, around 8490 consultations were conducted at the Family Health Centre, and an additional 633 consultations were conducted through medical camps.

The Adharshila Family Health Centre conducts a number of outreach initiatives to promote effective healthcare in the area and began this programme in December 2022. As part of this initiative, a programme of regular health screening camps has been launched in the neighbouring regions. This programme is being mobilised 3 times every week, catering to the Badshahpur slum near Anant Ram House, Sector 57, along with those near Wazirabad, Sector 51 (behind DPS), Ghata village and Ansal University. These camps offer general health check-ups, and blood tests for the beneficiaries who need them. Moreover, medicines are provided to the patients free of cost. Awareness sessions reached 695 participants, further promoting health education within the community.

Supporting Cataract Surgeries for the Underserved Communities

Cataracts are a leading cause of bilateral blindness in India, responsible for 50-80% of cases. Limited awareness, accessibility, and high costs make treatment challenging for individuals from urban and rural slums. To address this issue, DLF Foundation and ICARE Eye Hospital have joined hands to provide free cataract surgery, enabling vision restoration. Through this initiative, 700 successful cataract surgeries have been performed for rural beneficiaries in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Delhi. Through this initiative DLF Foundation aims to support underserved communities by providing accessible and affordable surgical interventions that improve quality of life.

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Case Study on Family Health Centre in Gwal Pahari

DLF Foundation in collaboration with Adharshila Trust is supporting a Family Health Centre in Gwal Pahari, to provide general and speciality healthcare free of cost to underserved communities.

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Cancer Screening Camp

Cancer being a silent, yet deadly disease often escapes detection and therefore, it is important to detect it on time. With the endeavour to detect this deadly disease, DLF Foundation in collaboration with Adharshila Trust and Tanisa Foundation organized a Cancer Screening Camp for the underserved communities of Gwal Pahari, Gurugram. As part of this initiative, Tanisa Foundation conducted a series of tests ranging from Clinical Oral Examination by ENT, PAP Smear test by Gynaecologist, Clinical Breast Examination by Gynaecologist, Blood sugar, Blood pressure, Mammography test, Dental Check-ups, and Eye Check-ups. Around 229 beneficiaries benefitted through this initiative.

Ambulance Services

An ambulance service plays a critical role in saving lives by providing immediate medical assistance to the critically ill. DLF Foundation has deployed several ambulances across various locations in NCR. Patients from urban slums can now avail free ambulance services to reach the nearest hospital in case of an emergency.

This project had the maximum impact in 2021 as the public struggled to reach hospitals and medical facilities during the second wave of Covid. Six ambulances were deployed for emergency evacuation of patients to nearby hospitals. The ambulances not only ensured emergency evacuation of patients to nearby hospitals but also distributed oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators to the Covid-affected families across NCR. The ambulances ensure that critically ill patients from underprivileged backgrounds get immediate medical care, through linkages with hospitals.Till date, this Project has benefited over 3,790+ beneficiaries.

5 Ambulances


3,790+ people

Wellness On Wheels

DLF Foundation in collaboration with Fortis Hospital has launched the healthcare initiative, ‘Wellness on Wheels’, a mobile healthcare screening bus offering free diagnostic services to all communities.

The mobile screening bus will travel on a weekly basis in Gurugram and adjoining districts including rural and urban areas providing beneficiaries with access to an array of free services including blood analysis, urine analysis, HBA1C, and doctor consultations. The primary goal of this initiative is to bring quality healthcare services to all regardless of their economic background.

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Diagnostic Bus Examination Area

Diagnostic Bus Launch Team-II

Diagnostic Bus Launch

Diagnostic Bus with Medical Staff

Affordable healthcare for those in need of critical care

With a mission to raise the quality of healthcare services and make critical affordable, DLF Foundation supported the Landour Community Hospital, Mussoorie, with an Anaesthesia Workstation and Patient Monitor.

Medical Equipment Installation

World First Aid Day Workshop by DLF Foundation

Every year on the second Saturday of September, World First Aid Day is observed to promote awareness about how first aid can save several lives. To mark this day, a workshop and awareness session on First Aid and CPR was organized in collaboration with Manipal Hospitals by DLF Foundation at construction sites across Gurugram.

The workshop was designed to prepare the workers with skills in first aid such as CPR, aiding recovery as well as information about what to do during disasters or emergencies, so that they can assist themselves and others during any crisis situations in their daily lives.

Approximately 120 workers attended the event organized at construction sites in Sectors 74, 91 and Sector 92 and in DLF Phase 5.

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World Heart Day

Every year on the 29th of September, World Heart Day is celebrated to increase awareness about cardiovascular diseases, including their prevention and their global impact. To mark this day a workshop was held for construction labourers in DLF Park Place, Park Drive Road, Phase V, Gurugram on the 29th of September, in collaboration with Adharshila Trust, a reputed non-governmental organization in the field of community healthcare and poverty alleviation.

The workshop consisted of an awareness session on cardiac health, symptoms and immediate steps to be taken while one is having a cardiac arrest. As a part of Cardiac Awareness session the topics covered were reasons for heart attack, symptoms of heart attack, immediate steps to be taken if one notices symptoms and steps to be taken for having a healthy heart. In addition to this, free health screening, medical counselling. tetanus vaccinations, and medicines were provided to all attendees. Over 280 beneficiaries attended the awareness session and participated in the free health screening.

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world heart day
world heart day
world heart day
world heart day