Labour Welfare Initiative

This initiative, which took shape at over 21 construction sites by providing better living conditions to approximately 20,000 construction workers. DLF had spent a sum of approximately Rs 18 crores on providing these facilities, which are amongst the best in the country.

The living conditions of construction workers have been a cause of concern for us at DLF. It has been our constant endeavour to improve their living conditions by making basic needs available at their work site itself via efficient and effective space management. The labour hutments set up at various DLF-Laing O’Rourke construction sites are a mix of cemented family rooms and dormitories with electricity, fans, beds and linen facilities, and a separate washing and toilet block – all easily approachable by paved roads.

There is proper drainage and sewerage provided for the whole camp to ensure proper health and hygiene. The contract for housekeeping, including sanitation for the area, is entrusted to an independent agency. Moreover, facilities like a subsidised canteen, 24-hour ambulance on-site, medical help, and mobile crèches (through an NGO-Mobile Crèches) to take care of the children – eight hours a day – are all part of these facilities.   

One of these sites also boasts a residential non-profit school in carpentry and masonry.