Haryana loses 5,000 people every year due to road traffic deaths. Gurgaon has the worst performance district in the state with nearly two-three deaths every day. Road safety is clearly a serious concern.

To tackle this concern, we launched a new initiative called "Saving Lives Through Safer Roads" to construct pedestrian crossovers on multi-lane high traffic roads to ease high pedestrian traffic and provide safe passage to road users.

We worked with leading traffic consultants to study the intersections on NH-48 and Raghvendra Marg which have high pedestrian movement. We partnered with NHAI, GMDA and other stakeholders to engage leading urban architects to design these pedestrian crossovers that aesthetically blend into the city’s urban architecture.

These pedestrian crossovers and corridors will feature modern infrastructure including escalators for pedestrians, lift for differently-abled and senior citizens, all-weather tops, CCTV cameras and directional signage. The initiative aims to reduce fatalities at important junctions in the city.

Escalators for pedestrians
Lifts for differently-abled
and senior citizens
Directional signage
CCTV cameras