Rehabilitation of Homeless with SPYM

DLF Foundation and Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses (SPYM) are collaborating for an initiative for rehabilitation of the homeless engaged in beggary in Delhi by providing them shelter, nutrition support and education while also increasing awareness on alternative livelihoods and ensuring their reintegration into the mainstream.

Through this drive, 174 adults have been rehabilitated and have been shifted to SPYM Shelters in Nizamuddin Colony.

45 children, who were previously begging for a living have been rehabilitated and mobilised for formal schooling. The children are being aided with admission in primary schools, and around 19 children have been admitted to a local government school in the vicinity of Nizamuddin. Additionally, children are also being imparted computer training and being given non-formal education at the SPYM Nizamuddin Shelter.

SPYM has enabled skill training for adult women in the Shelter and are being provided a workspace and raw material so that they can be involved in entrepreneurial ventures like designing and selling bead necklaces to support themselves. Additionally, sewing classes have also been started for these women and regular motivational classes are being organised by counsellors at the encampment to motivate community members to shift to the Shelters. 23 underprivileged women were provided Skill Development / Vocational Training in Stitching at the Shelter.

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Development of a Skilling Centre for Youth

DLF Foundation is supporting the development of a skilling center in Samalkha, Panipat in association with Shri Madhav Jan Sewa Nayas This specialized training center will provide employment linked skilling and training in multiple trades including electrical, plumbing, computers, agriculture and more.

The centre spans across 29,309 sq ft, including 25 Classrooms, 12 Toilets & Rainwater Harvesting System, aiming to support youth from approximately 55,000+ households.

This collaborative effort strives to create opportunities, enhance skills, and empower the youth, thereby contributing to the development of a skilled workforce.

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Social Welfare for Inclusive Development

DLF Foundation supports VISHWAS (Vision for Health Welfare and Special Needs), non-profit organization working in the field of disability and inclusive education with the aim to help children from marginalised communities and children with disabilities studying at Vishwas Vidyalaya, Gurugram. As part of this initiative, we have supported the school to create a resource centre with unique teaching methods that are being used for personalized learning interventions for children with disabilities.

Currently, the resource centre caters to the education needs of children with autism, cerebral palsy and other disabilities and is equipped with therapists, special educators and speech therapists. Additionally, the centre also provides free OPD services to children with disabilities from the neighbouring community every Tuesday.

Around 34 children from marginalised communities including 7 children with disabilities have been supported in their education through this initiative.

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