Cinderella, an India bully breed was brought to the ACGS when her previous shelter was unable to keep her due to snapping and biting issues. Before that, Cinderella's family had abandoned her because of behavioral problems. With the dedicated care and training provided by the ACGS Shelter staff, Cinderella has transformed.

She no longer exhibits aggressive behavior and is eagerly awaiting adoption into a new, loving home.

Cindy’s Journey
Cindy’s Journey
The Curious Cat’s Recovery

An office cat, lovingly known as AutoCAT (a fun spin on AutoCAD!), was rushed to CGS Veterinary Care Hospital in a state of shock when found sitting near a transformer with singed whiskers and a burnt nose and leg. After immediate assessment, the cat was admitted by CGS doctors for stabilisation, diagnostic tests, and critical treatment. Despite the mishap, the cat remained jovial and resilient during the recovery process, and has completely recovered

The Curious Cat’s Recovery

41 rabbits and 16 guinea pigs were rescued from a shelter that was closing down. Unable to take care of these animals, they requested the ACGS team to provide a home to the small animals. These animals were provided care, nutrition, and the required medical treatment at the ACGS shelter. Recently, one of the rabbits has been adopted. We hope all the animals find a happy home soon!

From Shelter to Safety: ACGS Team's Mission to Rescue 57 Small Animals
Rescue 57 Small Animals
Alexander's Triumph Over Arthritis

Meet Alexander, a canine who embarked on his path to recovery at the CGS Veterinary Care Hospital Pasha Wing. On his first day, Alexander arrived on a stretcher, hindered by moderate hind limb pain that left him unable to stand. A diagnosis revealed severe arthritis and concurrent sarcopenia, painting a challenging picture for our furry friend.

Under the expert guidance and compassionate care of the dedicated CGS Veterinary Care Hospital team, Alexander began a tailored physiotherapy regimen.

Within a short period of time, Alexander started to recover. With improved joint mobility and a significant reduction in pain, Alexander now walks pain free. His journey exemplifies the power of physiotherapy in bringing relief, joy, and improved well-being to our beloved animal companions.

Alexander's Triumph Over Arthritis

When a litter of six puppies were found isolated in a gutter in Delhi, a kind lady brought them to CGS Veterinary Care Hospital’s Pasha Wing where they were examined and tested for viral infection. Unable to resist their joy and spirit, one pup, Trickey, immediately found his foster home with our CGS Veterinary Care Hospital’s lab technician!

We hope all of the puppies find a home soon.

Trickey’s Happy Home
Trickey’s Happy Home

When the villagers called the ACGS Shelter to help rescue a dog caught in the wires set to catch pigs, the team rushed to its aid. The animal had endured severe wounds from the wire stuck in her body, which required careful attention and care.

Despite the pain she was in, the dog showed great strength and determination to heal, and is now recovering with the care and support at the shelter.

Resilience and Recovery: The Inspiring Journey of a Dog in Distress

Chipku was only a newborn baby when his parentswere electrocuted, leaving him all alone to fend for himself. Found by someone on the streets, he was brought to ACGS shelter home where he was fed and taken care of like an infant. He is now healing and healthy, regaining his vigour. A compassionate and friendly monkey, he has even made friends with Bumbum the dog and a neighbourhood cat!

Animal Welfare Programme_Beneficiary Story Chipku
CGS Veterinary Care - Cat Story_ Ajju

Ajju, a community cat in Noida, was struggling to urinate for a few days when he was brought to Pasha Wing at the CGS Veterinary Care Hospital, Gurugram. He was immediately stabilised and admitted for further diagnosis and treatment. Ajju underwent a perineal urethrostomy surgery, following which he was provided with intense care and treatment by the CGS team.

Ajju is recovering, is pain free and happy to be integrated back in his community.

A Courageous Cat: The Story of Ajju

Cool D, an ailing stray dog, was urgently admitted to the Pasha Wing due to a hernia. After receiving dedicated care, he has made a full recovery. Today, Cool D stands as a testament to the remarkable impact that compassionate care can have on the lives of animals in need. His transformation from a distressed and ailing stray to a vibrant and exuberant canine companion is a heartwarming reminder of the incredible bonds that can be forged between humans and animals.

Cool D's Journey from Stray to Strength

Petunia, a stray cat, was brought into the Pasha Wing as an emergency case on by a DLF security officer. She has stayed in the hospital under constant care and is now fully recovered and ready to find a healthy and happy home.

A Stray Cat's Journey to
Recovery and Hope

A loving and happy dog, Maggi is known to everyone in her neighbourhood. When she didn’t greet everyone with her customary tail wag, they knew something was wrong. On closer inspection, she was found shivering and taken to the CGS Hospital. Maggi was diagnosed with a ruptured bladder along with high KFT levels. She was advised surgery, which though risky and critical was undertaken immediately. Post surgery, the CGS Team looked after her with utmost care and monitored her, making sure that they did everything in their capacity to help her recover. Maggi miraculously made it through and recovered completely in a few weeks and is back in her neighbourhood playing with all the people who love her so dearly.

Maggi's Resilient Journey: From Ruptured Bladder to Joyful Recovery

Cookie, a three-year-old cat, was having problems urinating and passing stool for the last four months. It was suggested during the initial consultation that the cat be brought in for a thorough examination and additional diagnostics. Cookie came in to the CGS Hospital Gurugram where she underwent a thorough physical investigation and various other tests, and a tumour was discovered in her pelvic bone. The same day, a CT scan was performed to confirm the tumour. The right pelvic floor was covered by a large tumour that was restricting the rectus muscle. The CGS team led by Dr Vikash successfully executed the surgery and removed the tumour. Cookie is now on the road to recovery.

Cookie's Courageous Battle: Overcoming a Tumour with CGS Veterinary Care.

Lichi arrived at the CGS Hospital in critical condition after a severe road accident. With a fractured right femoral head and multiple lacerations, immediate medical attention was needed. Dr. Vikash and his team at the hospital swiftly performed the crucial FHO surgery. Thanks to their expertise and care, Lichi made an impressive recovery, gradually regaining her mobility. Inspired by this positive outcome, her caretakers took further steps to ensure her well-being. Now, Litchi experiences the happiness and normalcy every animal deserves.

Lichi’s Journey to Recovery: Overcoming Trauma and Embracing Life

Maharani was discovered abandoned on the road in a bad state, unable to stand on her own. Recognising the urgency of the situation, the ACGS team swiftly assembled their resources and arrived at the scene prepared for a challenging rescue operation. After being rescued, Maharani was provided with round the clock medical attention, ensuring she received the necessary medications and supplements to aid in her recovery. The team also developed a physiotherapy routine, gradually helping her regain muscle strength and mobility. Today, she is able to stand on her feet, and walk at ease. Maharani's story is one of resilience and hope, where the power of compassion and dedicated care brought her from a place of abandonment to the embrace of freedom and love.

From Abandonment to Freedom: The Story of Maharani, the cow

A DLF CARES Scholar since 2015, Gaurav Chand has excelled in his academics and is currently studying PCM in Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka, New Delhi, after securing 94.60% marks in the Class X examination this year.

Beyond academics, Gaurav shines as a passionate debater, active participant in singing and art competitions. He is a football enthusiast and his love for Computer Science drives his aspiration to pursue studies in technology after his Class XII.

“The personalised counselling session taught me strategies, provided insights into various career options, and guided me in choosing my path. With the help of DLF CARES programme, I have improved my personality and able to think with clarity about my future goals.,” says Gaurav

Gaurav Chand
Gaurav Chand

Tanya was in Class V when she was awarded the DLF CARES Scholarship in 2016. Now studying in Class XII at the Kendriya Vidyalaya, Gurugram, the DLF CARES scholarship has provided her with opportunities and guidance to balance her studies alongside her passion for sports.

She participated in basketball at the regional and national levels last year and secured the first position in judo (martial arts) in the 63kg category at the regionals, winning gold in the nationals for the same.

In the coming year, Tanya is determined and prepared to represent her school at the SGFI (School Games Federation of India).

“I am very grateful to the DLF Foundation for their support and encouragement in every field. They have helped me balance my studies with my sports, taught me prioritisation, and kept me motivated. My goal is to become a world champion one day,” says Tanya


Two years ago, Neha received a scholarship for the first time under the DLF CARES In-School Education Support Programme and decided to make the most of the opportunity. With guidance from academic counsellors and the many workshops conducted under the programme, Neha found her passion in the field of medical science. She is now pursuing the sciences in Vidya Vihar Bhoatwas, Haryana, after scoring a 95.4% overall and 100% in science in her Class X examination. She has also participated in the Science and Maths Olympiad—scoring All India Rank (AIR) 4 in SOF Maths Olympiad with 59 marks out of 60 in Level-1, AIR 587 with 53 marks out of 60 in Level-2, and AIR 350 in SOF Science Olympiad Level-2.

Neha’s resolute pursuit of a medical career is truly inspiring, and we hope she fulfils her dreams with flying colours.

“The DLF CARES Programme and counsellors I have met through it have helped me to become a better version of myself,” says Neha


Mayank Bhardwaj was only in kindergarten when he was offered the chance to fly and brought under the wings of the DLF CARES Programme with a scholarship. And he did fly. The diligent child scored a 94.80% in his Class X CBSE exams this year, which enabled him to major in the sciences.

With a bent towards coding, Mayank hopes to follow his dreams of doing an MCA and become a computer programmer. He also wishes to pursue a degree in data sciences. All this through self-study and hard work!

DLF CARES has helped me overcome my weaknesses, guided me to improve my communication and interpersonal skills, and helped me every time I faced a challenge. I am grateful for the opportunity and safe space the Programme provide me with. This has greatly helped me make informed decisions in building a sound road map for myself,” says Mayank

Mayank Bhardwaj

Priya Gupta has been receiving scholarship support under the DLF CARES In-School Education Support Programme since Class I. A hardworking and committed student, she has consistently performed well academically, and her overall personality and communication skills reflect her dedication.

She is currently studying at Sahoday Senior Secondary School, Haus Khas, New Delhi and has secured 94.80% in her Class X examination. Inspired by her father, an electrical engineer, she has chosen to pursue science for her higher studies, aspiring to become a computer engineer one day.

“The bi-annual workshops conducted for students and parents have significantly enhanced my overall performance, both in studies and co-curricular activities. My counsellors at the DLF Foundation and iDream Career have provided me with immense support. I am deeply grateful to the DLF Foundation for their assistance and guidance,” says Priya

Priya Gupta
Prashasti Maithil

Prashasti Maithil, is a resident of Ballabgarh, Faridabad. Her father, Bachchu Singh, works in a Mall earning a humble salary, while her mother, Kumud Sharma, takes care of the household chores. Since a young student of Class III, she has been a part of the DLF CARES In-School Education Support Programme. Over the years, her academic achievements speak volumes. She secured 97.6% in the Humanities Stream in Class XII from Rawal Public School and 94.8% in Class X from Balaji Public School. Not only was she the topper of her school, but she also emerged as the stream-topper of Rawal Education Society.

Her aspirations reach far beyond her current accomplishments, as she hopes to become an IAS Officer in the future.

According to Prashasti, “The programme not only provided me with financial support, but also helped me gain clarity in finding the path for myself. The one-on-one sessions, guidance, and counselling helped me with my studies and improve my overall personality. I warm-heartedly thank DLF CARES for its support and for always providing motivation and guidance to strive towards a bright future.”

Prashasti Maithil

Ayushi Sharma's journey began in 2016 when her father, a shopkeeper by profession, shared the exciting news about the DLF Cares Scholarship. Overwhelmed with joy at being selected, Ayushi was enrolled in Shishu Sr. Sec. School, Nawada, Gurugram with a 100% scholarship. This was a turning point, as this inspired Ayushi to give her best to her studies. In just one year, Ayushi went from being an average student to one of the top students in her class. Recognising her academic potential, in the year 2018 she was upgraded into Ridge Valley School.

Seven years of nurturing under the DLF CARES Programme and her academic brilliance and dedication has paved the way to consistent performance and overall development. She has actively participated in public speaking and other diverse activities ranging from sports and music to dance & debates. She was also chosen as the House Captain in her school.

Ayushi is set to join BML Munjal University where she has been awarded a 100% scholarship covering all expenses for the BA+LLB Programme.

According to Ayushi, “I faced difficulties in adjusting to the changing times. However, the DLF CARES counsellors were there to support me. The personalised one-on-one guidance helped me not only to adapt but also kept me motivated to do my best. That is how I could secure 95% in my Class XII exams. Now, I am taking help of the career counselling sessions to choose an appropriate career for myself. Thank you, DLF CARES”

Ayushi Sharma
Ayushi Sharma
Vastavi Kumar

Vastavi Kumar is a DLF CARES Scholar and has been a part of the programme since 2017. She studies at a DLF CARES partner school, Apeejay School.

Determined to pursue engineering since she was in Class IX, Vastavi dedicated her complete focus and attention towards securing admission in an esteemed college.

With the support of the DLF CARES programme, she scored 96% in Class X and 94.2 % in Class XII. With her unnerving determination and hard work, she scored 96.92 percent in the JEE Advance and secured a place at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology- BHU for their Chemical Engineering programme.

Her father who works as a chef at a cloud kitchen is proud of her achievements.

According to Vastavi, “The scholarship support from DLF Foundation has opened a plethora of opportunities that will help me achieve my dreams”.

Vastavi Kumar

Ruchi Sharma is a DLF CARES Scholar and has been a part of the programme since 2015. She is a student at Shishu Kalyan Senior Secondary School, a DLF CARES partner school.

Ruchi initially struggled with selecting the right subject choices after Class X. However, with the guidance of the DLF CARES counsellors she was able to select the right stream best suited for her and achieved great success. She also credits her success to her mother, a domestic help who aspired for her daughter to excel academically and was a source of great support to her in her academic journey.

With the support of the DLF CARES programme she has performed exceptionally in academics, securing 94.8% in her Class XII board exams and as a result of her dedication and hard work she was able to secure a 100% scholarship from RK Munjal Foundation for the B. Com (Hons) programme at BML Munjal University.

Ruchi Sharma
Ruchi Sharma
Saurabh Kumar

Saurabh was studying in DLF Swapna Sarthak School, Phase 3 in Gurugram and was recommended for scholarship by Gunjan Foundation on account of his brilliant academic performance. He was awarded the scholarship in the year 2016-17 and as a part of the DLF CARES Education Support Programme, he was upgraded to Summer Fields School, Phase 1 in Gurugram. He studied at the school for 2 years completing his Classes VII & VIII securing 91% & 89% respectively. It was yet again decided by the DLF QEC Education Charitable Trust to upgrade him to Ridge Valley School in Phase 4. Having secured 84% in Class X, he is presently studying in Class XII. Saurabh recounts, “This journey of a child with dreams to a child pursuing and realising those dreams couldn’t have been possible without the support of DLF Foundation. I am very grateful and obliged to my counsellors for providing me with such opportunities. The scholarship programme has enlightened, supported and transformed many lives and I am fortunate to be one of them.” Saurabh enjoys the rare distinction of being the official Master of Ceremonies for almost all the school events. Saurabh aspires to crack the UPSC exams and contribute towards bringing about a positive change in the lives of the common people.

Saurabh Kumar

Ankit Mishra is a bright young boy full of confidence and enthusiasm, having recently appeared for the NEET exams. His positive attitude and love for learning has brought about a visible transformation in him. Ankit joined the programme when he was in Class VI in the year 2014. He was upgraded from a Hindi-medium school to Drona School, a CBSE-affiliated English-medium school. The change sent his spirits soaring and he adjusted well to his new environment, securing 93% in his Class X and 92.6% in Class XII. He developed a passion for playing chess while working on his dream of becoming a doctor. Ankit comes from a humble family; his father works as a casual daily wage labourer and brings home an annual income of 1.44 lakh rupees. Ankit is very determined to break the cycle of poverty for his family.

Ankit Mishra
Ankit Mishra
Divyanshi Shekhawat

Divyanshi secured 87% in Class X and is presently studying in Class XII at Ridge Valley School. She was awarded the scholarship in the year 2015 and enrolled in Class VI at Shishu Kalyan Sr. Secondary School and later upgraded to Ridge Valley School in the year 2018. She is a real-life example of how a little confidence can transform one's life. You will see her composing and reciting poems, reading books, actively participating in all scholastic and co-scholastic activities.

It’s hard to believe that she wasn’t always like this. After the initial bout of struggles, she has blossomed into a confident young girl ready to take on the world and succeed at becoming a successful psychologist. The financial support has provided her with opportunities to acquire quality education at one of the better schools in Gurugram and the intensive counselling has helped her immensely in improving her concentration, hone her communication skills, and enhance her personality. Divyanshi has remained positive even in the face of adversity even when her father lost his job during the pandemic.

Divyanshi Shekhawat

Bidisha is a powerhouse of knowledge and was assessed by MENSA India International and identified with having an IQ of 145+. The tiny frame belies the potential of this delightful child who was then studying at Vidya School at Gurugram in 2020. She was then upgraded to study at the Summer Fields School, Gurugram under the DLF CARES Roots to Wings programme. Bidisha started receiving scholarship support under the DLF CARES Education Support Programme in the year 2015-16. Shy and low in confidence at the beginning, Bidisha has blossomed into a confident and bright girl possessing great clarity for her future. Her father is working as a steward with an annual income of 1.50 lakhs while her mother is a homemaker having no formal education. Bidisha Mandal is determined to build a different life for herself and her family. She is an extremely creative all-rounder, having great leadership qualities. She dreams of becoming an IAS officer one day.

Bidisha Mandal
Bidisha Mandal
Richa Singh

Richa possesses a cheerful disposition and boasts qualities like persistence and self-discipline. She has great clarity for a child who is just 12 years of age and has a clear roadmap towards a career in the medical stream. She was awarded the scholarship in the year 2019 and was upgraded to Summer Fields School at Gurugram. Along with her studies, Richa has developed a good command over English through her communication classes with Stones2Milestones. Her father is a cook, who has studied up to 5th grade and brings home an annual income of 2.98 lakhs per annum. Richa, however, is ready to break out of all the limitations imposed upon her and move towards a brighter future.

Richa Singh

Deepankar is not your ordinary child. Diagnosed with Social Communication Disorder (SCD), he didn’t have the same opportunities as the other children of his age did. He faced many difficulties in using verbal and nonverbal language for social purposes, making it impossible to start school at the right age. Delayed milestones of starting to speak late at the age of 4, he enrolled in Pre-Nursery at 5 years of age, and spent a few years in a school for special children. His transformation began after enrolling in Alpine Convent School at Gurugram and the mentoring received by a special educator at the DLF Foundation. He didn’t let his limitations stop him from exploring the possibilities around him. Deepankar is a DLF Scholar receiving educational support under the DLF CARES Education Support Programme since 2015-16. Presently studying in Class V, he has learnt drawing and painting and has participated in Pyeong Chang 2018 Olympic Winter Games Painting Competition, SOF International English Olympiad and SOF National Science Olympiad. These days, Deepankar is exploring sports like skating, cycling and cricket with the support of his parents. His parents have been very supportive and have played a vital role in his overall growth.

Deepankar Mishra
Deepankar Mishra
Arpit Mishra

Wise beyond his years, Arpit is studying in Class IX at The Pine Crest School, Gurugram and believes in striving towards overcoming all setbacks. A consistently high performer, Arpit has been securing over 90% in his exams for the past four years and aspires to be a doctor. He was awarded the scholarship in the year 2018-19. Arpit is a perfect blend of resilience and self-discipline. His positive outlook towards life is admirable to say the least and he has endeared himself to all his teachers and classmates. He is an ideal role model for all around him.

Arpit Mishra

Ibrar Ansari looks at life with a scientific mindset. His curiosity and problem-solving bent of mind helped him to receive educational support under the DLF CARES Education Support Programme, a flagship initiative of the DLF QEC Educational Charitable Trust. He was enrolled in Class VI at Drona Public School, Gurugram in the year 2015-16. He was assessed by MENSA India International Test and was identified as a gifted scholar. This opened a plethora of opportunities for him, and he was upgraded to Summer Fields School, Phase 1 in Gurugram under its Roots to Wings Programme 2020-21. Ibrar has been a consistent high achiever and is a great example of what hard work and focus can achieve. He made the best use of the guidance & counselling provided to him and realized for himself that he wants to find solutions to real-world problems. He is yet to choose between being an engineer or a scientist, but he surely has what it takes to be a winner. His father works as a tailor and his mother has studied up to Class VIII. He has a family income of 1.8 lakh rupees per annum. Ibrar’s journey is inspirational, and he is determined and focused on changing the reality of his family.

Ibrar Ansari
Ibrar Ansari

Six years ago, Jahanvi enrolled in the Golf Excellence Programme with a love for the sport and a dream to pursue a career in it. A year into it, she won the title of Lady Golfer in the Final Order of Merit released by the Indian Golf Union.

“The Golf Excellence Programme is by far the best programme any player could dream of. The players work together to improve performance in various ways. The coaches not only help us with pointing out performance gaps but also train us to think for ourselves. With the best-in-class facilities, the best coaches, and all the support, the only limit is our own drive,” says Jahanvi

Jahanvi is currently a professional in the Women’s Golf Association of India (WGAI) and aims to become the best at the game.

Jahanvi Bakshi

Trish Kalkal, a passionate young golfer, joined the Golf Excellence Programme at the age of 14 with a dream of becoming a golf champion. With dedication and hard work, Trish honed his skills, under the guidance of his coaches and mentors. Recently, at the 13th Junior Golf Tournament in Category B, held at the Delhi Golf Club, Trish showcased his talent with precision and determination. His remarkable performance earned him victory and set him on a promising path in the world of junior golf.

“The Golf Excellence Programme has been an incredible journey for me! I feel fortunate to be selected. This programme has transformed my game and boosted my performance in tournaments. The faculty's expert guidance and one-on-one sessions have helped me improve my game. I have been playing golf since I was seven, and with my family’s support, I pursue this sport with dedication. Playing golf brings me immense joy, and my goal is to win accolades for India. I am grateful for the opportunities the Golf Excellence Programme has given me and eagerly look forward to reach new heights in my golfing journey,” says Trish

Trish Kalkal

17-year-old Lavanya Jadon joined the Golf Excellence Programme in 2022 and immediately showcased her golfing prowess with outstanding tournament achievements during the 2022-23 season. She stood second in the 11th Ladies Open Amateur Golf Championship and first in the 12th Delhi Golf Club Junior tournament. Furthermore, she clinched the top position in the Young Master Amateur Delhi NCR Stableford Championship and earned a silver medal (team) in the IGU Ladies Circuit, leaving her mark in the national game. Lavanya's dedication and skill make her a promising talent to watch out for in the world of golf.

Lavanya Jadon

14 years old, Riya, a student of the Golf Excellence Programme since 2022, showcased her talent in the sport with a string of notable victories over the past two years. She secured the top position in the 11 Ladies Open Amateur Golf Championship in 2022, fourth in the Thailand Junior Development Tour, and second in both the IGU Western and Northern India Ladies & Junior Girls Golf Championship the same year. This year, she emerged as the champion in the Golf Federation of Haryana Tour and secured second place in both the 8th and 9th NCR Junior Golf Championships. Riya's dedication to the sport and her commitment to achieving her golfing dreams serve as an inspiration to all aspiring golfers.

Ria Jadon

Samyanti, a widow from a financially challenged background, encountered numerous hardships in her life, including the lack of care. However, her life took a turn when she decided to get screened at a cancer screening camp in Bandhwari and was diagnosed with oral cancer. During this tumultuous time, she was able to receive treatment at the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute with the support of the medical team at the Family Health Centre.

The Family Health Centre team went above and beyond, assisting her in obtaining cashless facilities for her treatment, and with the combined efforts of the medical team and her own resilience, she received quality medical care. The timely detection of her cancer, immediate treatment, and the dedication of all involved has given her hope for a speedy recovery and a brighter, healthier future for Samyanti.

Overcoming Adversity: A Woman’s Journey Through Oral Cancer and Recovery

Geeta, a 60-year-old lady, resides in a village with her grandchildren. Despite managing her daily chores with great difficulty, she never voiced any complaints. During a recent eye camp, she was diagnosed with cataract in her right eye. She confided in her daughter-in-law, who promptly brought her to the ICARE hospital. After a thorough preoperative examination, the surgery was successfully conducted. Geeta was overjoyed with her clear vision after removing her bandages the next day and went home with a huge smile. She has retraced her steps back to her daily routine and is grateful for this support.

A New Lease to Life

A 50-year-old Ramesh Rana (name changed), a field worker from Bulandshahr, UP, has worked hard all his life to provide for his three daughters and two sons. Travelling from one village to another, he endeavoured to ensure good education and give wings to their dreams, until a minor accident left his left eye impaired, making him unable to work or manage his job and daily chores. He learned about an eye camp through friends where he was diagnosed with cataract in his left eye. He underwent a successful surgery at the ICARE Hospital, infusing him with renewed enthusiasm. Filled with gratitude for the DLF Foundation's support, he has returned back to work.

Ramesh Rana's journey, from vision impairment to renewed vitality, reflects the transformative power of compassion and the impact of our Eye Care Initiative.

Ramesh Rana's journey

Five-year-old Aman was brought to the centre with a distressing case of severe dermatitis and fungal infection on his feet. The condition was causing significant discomfort and required immediate treatment.

Upon careful evaluation, the medical team advised a combination therapy as part of his treatment.

Gradually, the discomfort and pain associated with the infection and dermatitis subsided, and he began to regain his playful demeanour.

Aman has made a swift recovery thanks to the continuous support and follow-up by the medical team.

Aman’s Journey from Pain to Playfulness

Mohit, a 32-year-old, has been receiving health care at the Gwal Pahari centre for a year now. During his health check-up, he was diagnosed with hypertension, dyslipidaemia, hypothyroidism, acid peptic disease, and vitamin D3 deficiency. With a personalized treatment plan consisting of medications and supplements, Mohit’s health has gradually improved, and his vital signs are now back to normal. To support his ongoing well-being, Mohit has also received guidance on making lifestyle modifications and diet.

Mohit’s journey to better health at the Family Health Centre

Murthi Devi, a 76-year-old woman from Sanp Ki Nagli in Sohna, Gurgaon, Haryana was facing challenges in her vision. With a heart full of hope and eyes clouded by cataract, she reached the ICARE Eye Hospital to seek help. After a thorough examination, the doctors determined that cataracts had severely affected her right eye. They recommended a PHACO+PCIOL surgery to restore her vision, a standard procedure used to remove cataracts and replace the clouded lens with an intraocular lens. The surgery was a success, and, over the following weeks, she diligently followed the post-operative care instructions provided by the hospital. Slowly but surely, her vision began to improve. The world once shrouded in darkness now has once again revealed its vibrant colours to her.

Story of Murti Devi

A 56-year-old Dharampal visited the Gwal Pahari centre and reported normal vitals. On closer examination, it was found that he had a case of fungal infection and diabetic foot. He was then treated with oral anti-diabetic, antifungal, and antibiotic medicines. Now, his wounds have dried, and he has fully recovered. He has been advised to visit the health centre for regular follow-ups to ensure his diabetes is under control.

Dharampal’s Recovery from Diabetic Foot and Fungal Infection

Chunni, a 13-year-old came to us with severe acne and superadded fungal infection, many of which were purulent. At the centre, she was treated with 3rd generation antibiotics, antiallergics, local antifungals, and supportive treatment including lifestyle modification recommendations. Chunni has now made a stupendous recovery, both morally and physically.

Chunni's Skin Recovery

Growing up in Madhubani, Bihar, Mehmuda Khatun never had the fortune of enjoying the little joys of childhood. In a family of seven children and a mother plagued by paralysis, she had to help her father in the farm and contribute to the family income, all while juggling household chores. Despite numerous responsibilities, she excelled in her studies until her circumstances compelled her to discontinue.

As a young 14-year-old, she resisted all marriage proposals and decided to support her family. Much later, after getting married, she moved to Delhi along with her husband and learnt of DLF Foundation’s Rehabilitation of Homeless Programme with SPYM. This shelter gave her immense relief as she no longer had to seek accommodation elsewhere. Her husband found work as a labourer nearby, earning Rs 500 per day, and Mehmuda, now 20, has enrolled herself in the jewellery making sessions at the shelter. Additionally, she has also enrolled herself in General Duty Assistant (GDA) training to further enhance her skills and prospects.

Mehmuda’s story is one of resilience, trust in the divine, an unfailing zeal, and the power of rehabilitation. We wish her the best in all her endeavours.

Mehmuda’s Undying Spirit to Excel

Shefali left her home in Madhubani, Bihar, with her mother and one sibling to seek better opportunities in Delhi. Her father's deteriorating health prevented him from contributing to the family's income, and her mother’s tailoring work didn't bring in much money.

They found a home at the SPYM shelter in Delhi. At the shelter, Shefali heard about the non-formal education classes and showed interest towards hand-holding children in their education and learning journey. She quickly became an active volunteer. Soon after, she received training as a peer volunteer and now serves in that capacity at the SPYM shelter. In her role, she ensures children get to school, conducts life skill sessions, and facilitates sports for developmental activities. Shefali has also enrolled in Class VIII and is determined to pursue her education. An active and disciplined girl with a deep empathy for children, she aspires to become an IAS officer.

Shefali’s story is a testament to the power of rehabilitation, and we are sure she will see great success in the future with her determined spirit.

Shefali’s Resilience

There are some who fall prey to life’s challenges, and others take those challenges and rise above until they soar. At 35 years old, Sana (name changed) resides in the SPYM shelter with her 8-year-old daughter, while her husband, an abuser and addict, serves a sentence in jail. Sana has taken it upon herself to learn as much as possible, with the hope of providing a better life for herself and her daughter. She is currently undergoing training in the stitching programme at the SPYM shelter after stitching programme and has also shown interest in the new General Duty Assistants training initiative, all while being differently abled.

Sana’s story once again highlights the power of rehabilitation, and we wish her strength for a better future.

Sana’s Lesson on Resilience

Back home in Bihar, Rubina was busy living a life filled with a passion for reading and writing stories with her mother and two siblings. She actively attended the village school and excelled academically. She was ready to set foot into Class 9 when circumstances necessitated a move to Delhi leaving behind one of her siblings. Their journey to Delhi was driven by the limited livelihood opportunities available in their village. While they moved into the SPYM shelter, her mother took a job at the Sundar Nursery to support the family. Rubina has now started attending computer classes and acquired proficiency in Paint and Notepad. She is even learning to create cards on MS Word!

Despite the setback, Rubina aspires to continue her education and build a brighter, more empowered future for herself and her family.

Journey of Aspirations: Rubina's Pursuit of Education and Empowerment

Rani (name changed), a 37-year-old from Bihar, faced numerous challenges in her life. Despite her desire for education, she started working as a house help at a young age to support her family. Her marriage brought further hardships, including laborious work, physical abuse from her alcoholic husband. When her in-laws and husband refused to help her ailing second daughter, she came back to Delhi where she went back to working as a house help and living in temporary shelter at Amir Khusro Park until it was demolished in 2017. Currently residing in an SPYM-managed shelter, Rani and her children have found stability. She works as a cleaning lady at a doctor’s clinic during the day and as a house-help at the same doctor’s residence in the evenings. Rani’s story showcases the power of rehabilitation for the homeless enabling such individuals to rebuild their lives and strive for a better future and a life of dignity.

Resilience Amidst Adversity: Rani's Journey from Hardships to Hope

Sana’s (name changed) is a story of faith and the profound power of resilience. At a young age, she lived on the streets and worked as a house help in Mumbai where she faced physical abuse at the hands of her employers and was kept hungry for several days. She hoped that life would get better once she got married, but it was not to be so. She was a victim of similar treatment by her husband. Shortly after becoming pregnant with her second child, she once again found herself without a home, but this time, fortune smiled upon her as a member of SPYM brought her to the shelter. She has been living at the shelter ever since and is keen to start working so she can take care of her two sons and educate them. While not literate, she is a hard worker and has had previous experience working as a house help in many houses. All she requires is a place for her to leave her children for the day while she works. She is also open to connecting with an agency to work similarly or to engage with art and craft in the shelter itself. The shelter is home to many such women and children and is working to alleviate them from beggary and enable them to lead a dignified life.

Sana's Journey from Struggle to Strength